Born and bred to the heartbeat of hip-hop culture, a Brooklyn-born artist named Joel Human emerged as a pioneer; helping to transform the narrative and perception of cool, by bringing styles from the streets of New York City to stores across the world.

Human's career began in the late 1990's, after receiving a full scholarship to Pratt Institute of Design. Soon after enrollment, Human went door to door introducing himself to brands in the fashion district and began designing for a wide array of different companies and celebrities, from Disney to 50 Cent.

With a talent for spotting trends before they happen, Human helped these companies ignite a revolution in streetwear, by fusing raw authenticity with a keen understanding of cultural nuances.

His innate ability to capture the pulse of the streets, cultivated a distinctive aesthetic that resonated with a diverse and global audience.

Joel Human's designs are not just garments; they're a form of expression, signifying the creative spirit and individuality of the culture.